So, I’m actually glad Jennette stopped being friends with Ariana. Looks to me that people are finally seeing Ariana’s true colors. She isn’t a sweet as you all think lol. Jennette deserves a better friend then her anyways. Jennette has Miranda, Nathan, Madi and Colton. She will do just find without Ariana. As for Dickeldeon… They haven’t heard the last of us, McCurdians! They disgust me and the only reason why we & others watch their crappy network was cause of Jennette. Now that she is done with them, so are we. I give them a month before they shut down :)

About the KCAs. It was honestly worst then last year that’s for sure. Jennette already told us she chose not to go but still she won the award and the only reason why they gave it to Ariana was cause she was in second place how? I don’t even know cause she can’t act, she’s more of a singer if you ask me but anyway people need to realize that Jennette came way better Ariana and deserved that award more. I’m so pissed. Even pissed that they did that whole Dan tribute without Miranda and Jennette like the only people from iCarly who were there was Nathan and Noah lol what even. This KCAs sucked so much. I thought last years was horrible cause of the whole Dickeldeon pitying Victorious and letting them take iCarlys award but man, was I wrong.

Jennette unfollowed Ariana more than once before. She did it BEFORE the KCAs meaning like one/two weeks enhanced . People just started to realize it lmao. So, Arianators need to stop saying Jennette is jealous of Ariana’s fame cause she could really care two shits. Jennette cares more about us then both fame&fortune. Sorry but it’s the truth. She said her passion is acting and she enjoys making people laugh. I’m so sick of the hate she’s getting for all this. She been through enough, give her a fucking break.

I love Jennette. I have since 2007 and I will never stop loving and supporting her. She needs us right now and the last thing we should do is leave her. Once a McCurdian , always a McCurdian. ❤️

Someone tried to strangle me and I survived. I don’t need to hide that.
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"Stiles, you need to be that spark.” vs. “It’ll be a kind of darkness around your heart.”

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Hanna Marin + blue

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